Q1. Who is eligible to apply for the award?

 A1. All quality professionals- UAE Nationals and Residents with a valid UAE residence visa, who have academic qualifications and work experience related to Quality & Excellence, assuming directly and actively quality functions or roles at Senior Management & Middle Management levels.

Quality professionals from all sectors and industries are eligible to apply, ASQ members and non-members also.


Q2. Are self-nominations accepted?

 A2. Yes. The award can accept either self or nomination by a colleague/ friend/ family member.


Q3 Is an endorsement or "no objection" required from the employer of the nominee?

 A3. No. This is not a requirement.


Q4. Does the applicant have to meet ALL the award criteria to be eligible to apply?

 A4. Not necessarily; however, meeting most of or all the criteria will reflect on the final score based on which the applicant will be shortlisted among the award winners. 


Q5. What are the main award timelines?

A5. The award is granted once a year to a maximum of three Quality professionals in each of the set categories. The award nomination cycle for 2016 starts on April 5th and ends by July10th. Please refer to award process for exact dates and time lines.


Q6. Is a non-winning applicant eligible to re-apply for the next cycle award?

 A6. Yes. Nominations will be maintained at the award office database and will be considered for one more year. If there are any updates, individual can reapply for next year cycle.


Q7. Is an award winner eligible to re-apply for the next award cycle?

 A7. No. Winners cannot re-apply in the same category (Note: in the future we are planning to develop new categories of UAE Quality Professionals Award).


Q8. What happens after the submission of the award application?

 A8. Once an application is received, a system generated e-mail notification will be sent to the nominee confirming receipt of application.

The award manager will firstly review the application and related documentation for eligibility and compliance, then the application will be referred to the Assessment Team, comprising of two highly experienced Quality & excellence professionals, who will proceed with the assessment and scoring of nominations as per the set criteria and scoring matrix. 

Once the assessment and scoring process is completed, the independent Jury comprising of three eminent professionals will review the assessment, scoring and proceed with the evaluation and selection of the winner(s) of this cycle of the award.

 Maximum number of winners will be three. If no one qualifies, then no winner will be announced for that cycle.

 The winner(s)/ nominee(s) of ASQ UAE Quality Professionals Award will be notified with an official letter from the Jury.


 Q9. What are the benefits of the award?

A9. Winners will benefit from recognition for their contribution to Quality & Excellence, professional and personal accomplishments and will help raise their profile as distinguished Quality Professionals in UAE.


Q10. What are the fees for the submission of a nomination?

A10. There are no fees, the submission is free.


Q11. How to choose the category in which I am eligible to enter my application?

 A11. Quality Professionals are eligible to apply in one of the following categories based on their current role in their organization.

 -Senior Management - Eligible positions in this category include Vice-president, Director & Senior Manager of Quality.  (Minimum 20 years of service)

 -Middle Management - Eligible positions in this category include Manager, Assistant Manager, Officer, Analyst, Controller & Specialist of Quality (based on the scope of the role & responsibilities).  (10 to 20 years of service).

 The application form is designed to adapt to each of the categories set criteria upon selection of the right current position by the applicant.