Message from ASQ Global Managing Director

"With technology, global trade, and international travel making everywhere accessible to everyone, the world is shrinking. Now, more than ever, ‘quality’ is needed in all aspects of life, wherever in the world we live. As The Global Voice of Quality ASQ has an important role to play in increasing the use and impact of quality worldwide—impact that includes enhanced business performance, reduced waste, superior products and greater customer satisfaction. Nowhere in the world is quality more at work than in the United Arab Emirates. ASQ is delighted, therefore, to introduce the ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Awards—the first‐of‐its‐kind award designed to recognize the achievements, efforts and contributions of UAE quality professionals and encourage and motivate others to excel in the field of quality to improve businesses, communities and society. We thank all those who participate and wish them the very best of luck."

Andrew Baines

     Message from ASQ Board of Directors Member (2016-2017)

"To celebrate the strong commitment of visionary leaders of UAE, to Quality and Excellence and UAE’s 20 years of Journey Towards Excellence, American Society for Quality, the Global Voice of Quality, has established ASQ Quality Professionals Award for UAE. In 69 years of ASQ’s history, it was the first time that ASQ’s Board of Directors approved establishing an award outside of Americas. The award is based on a clearly defined process and criteria. I welcome Quality community in UAE to participate and gain well deserved recognition for their contribution, achievement and success. I wish them all the best! "

Sunil Thawani

ASQ Fellow, Awardee, Lancaster Medal 2015


“At first, I would like to express my utmost delight for receiving this award, I am proud to be awarded by the most prestigious organization in the field of quality and organizational excellence. Thereby I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the members of the Assembly and the jury, and it is with great honor for me and for the United Arab Emirates to take on this new award which is an added incentive for me and my colleagues in the UAE to move forward toward greater quality and organizational excellence applications”.

Maj. General Dr, Abdul Quddoos Al-Obaidli, Director – Dubai Police, Winner, ASQ MEA Professionals Award, 2016

“Cycle on cycle, UAE winners demonstrated high dedication and outstanding contribution and leadership for Quality and Excellence in the country. 

Extending the Award to the MEA region in 2018, is a great achievement by which the Award aims to widen its impact on Quality, promoting outstanding expertise, achievements and high contribution to the field. We encourage all quality professionals working in the region to apply and be an inspiration to many others”.

Nancy Nouaimeh, Jury Member, ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Award, 2018

 "Applicants have passionately demonstrated belief in themselves, and belief in the practice and promotion of Quality"

Graham Clayton, Jury Member, ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Award, 2016

“The ASQ MEA Quality Professional Award celebrates more than two decades of the UAE’s successful and sustained excellence journey under the visionary and inspirational leadership of UAE rulers.”

Dr. Cecilia Kimberlin, Chair ASQ Board of Directors, 2015

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Quality is never a coincidence, it is always the result of intense passion, leading to sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”.

 Dr. Poonam Panicker, VPS Healthcare

Winner, Middle Management Position, ASQ MEA Quality Professional Award, 2017

 “It is an honor to receive this prestigious award from the American Society for Quality (ASQ). This award crowns my achievements and dedication to excel and inspires others who share this passion for quality. I would like to thank the ASQ for their efforts to support and promote the concepts of quality and excellence.”

 Mrs. Ola Al Zawati, Dubai Municipality

Winner, Senior Management Position, ASQ MEA Quality Professional Award, 2017

  “I am delighted to receive prestigious ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Award (2nd Cycle), which acknowledges my passion towards implementing excellence by enhancing quality, service, efficiency and reliability in all my assignments”.

Dr. Akula Ramakrishna, Plant Manager – ENOC Group, Winner, ASQ MEA Professionals Award, 2016

"Please accept my sincere Thank You for all your efforts especially the world class Award event. I wish you and the ASQ Team in UAE all the best...."

Dr. Rana Nabulsi, Winner, ASQ MEA Professionals Award, 2015

الجودة بالنسبة لي هي الشغف لكل ما فيه خير للمجتمع المحيط بنا بل و للبشرية جمعاء لكي نجعل الحياة أكثر سهولة ومتعة. الجودة تعني أن نفخر بما أنجزنا من أعمال. 

أحب أن أشكر قادة الإمارات لرؤيتهم الملهمة والجمعية الأمريكية للجودة للبادرة المتميزة. العاملون في مجال الجودة هم كالجنود المجهولين يدربون الآخرين و يكرّمونهم بالاحتفال لكنهم قد لا يحظوا أنفسهم بالتكريم. لذلك فإن هذا التكريم يعني لي الكثيرمن الفخر والتشجيع لكي أعطي أكثر. لا يسعني كذلك إلا ان اشكر فريق عمل مجموعة جمعة الماجد عموما و اخص المدير الدكتور صالح شحادة لالتزامه بمبادىء الجودة وختاماً أشكر عائلتي الحبيبة لدعمهم المتواصل.  

Souraj Salah, Winner, ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Award, 2015  

 “Recognizing people for extra ordinary achievements. This is excellence."

Mr. Shawqi Hamdan Sajwani, Jury Member, ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Award, 2016

“The award is the recognition for the great work, passion, creativity and engagement exhibited by our fellow quality professionals.  I am continually impressed by the growing pool of talent, creativity and technical excellence in our industry. I’m thrilled to be able to help select the winners for these prestigious awards”.

Mr. Punnoose Mathew, Senior Assessor, ASQ MEA Quality Professionals Award, 2017